Against spirit of democracy

The delay in holding winter session of parliament has lead to developing of war of words between opposition and ruling parties. The winter session which usually starts from November third week has not started yet. Opposition Congress has charged government of running away from debate by delaying the session. They alleged that government is ducking facing the opposition’s questions over the economic slowdown that has registered after the twin reforms of demonetisation and the new national sales tax or GST. The government which seems to be under pressure constantly assures that session will start soon but has avoided declaring the date for it.
Even though government has not given any particular reason for delay it is understood that delay is because of Gujarat poll. Majority of ministers, MPs and leaders of ruling party is reportedly caught up in election campaign. Parliament session is an important part of the democratic process. By delaying the session the union government is setting a wrong trend. For the sake of state election, the functioning of highest institution of democracy should not be compromised. People of India look upto parliament session with the hope that important issues concerning them will be raised by their respective representatives. Many important legislations and bills are pending and need to be passed by the parliament. The delay in holding winter session of parliament is not in the interest of the nation.