Fire incidents on the rise

As the winter sets in, the fire incidents are on the rise. The Ziro valley in particularly seems to be the worst affected. Already two cases of fire accidents leading to death of five people and destruction of properties have been reported from the valley. Every year during the dry winter season, Arunachal is hit hard by the fire accidents. But unfortunately be it citizens or govt agencies, no one seem to be learning any lesson from such kind of incident.
Repeated incidents of fire are a matter of concern that needs to be dealt with immediately. Most of the time, the losses suffered in these accidents is beyond imagination. Whoever is at fault should be penalized for not only risking their properties but also of others. There is a need for large scale awareness campaign in order to sensitize the people. Also the state government in particularly disaster management department should identify the vulnerable area where maximum number of fire accident takes place. Adequate measures should be taken to contain such accident. The state fire service department also needs to be strengthened. More man power should be hired and latest equipment be provided to the fire service department.