Voting system of Arunachal idol

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to shed some light regarding the voting system for the Arunachal Idol competition.
The ongoing Arunachal Idol competition has started the policy of 100 votes per person. How is 100 votes from a person normal? How is a person supposed to sit around sending 100 messages for voting? This is a kind of harassment for the voters. People can say that if it’s so difficult then you have the choice of not voting. But it’s easier said than done. When you have a family or a friend interested in music, and there is no other platform for them, you can’t just sit behind and are forced to go along with the system, no matter how bad it is.
The contestants are compelled to literally beg for votes, because it’s not about one or two, its hundred vote per person. It’s like indirect extortion. The contestants run around for sponsors and the person who have the highest connections, knows people of money and power, gets the highest votes. This is a very disgusting and depressing culture in our state to see people being so ok to ask for money from officers and public leaders. People ask money for the littlest of things such as college picnics, for recharging everyone’s cell phone number, so that they can vote, for tours etc. Then we wonder why corruption so rampant is here.
It’s ironic that an organisation which talks about promoting and encouraging young talents should be doing this. There should be a policy of 1 vote per person. No one should be asked to vote out of their choice. The process of voting should be comfortable for the contestants as well as for the voters. And trust me sending 100 messages and waiting for confirmation message from each sim that I own is not comfortable at all.