An outsider’s account of Arunachal

Dear Editor,
I write this letter with extreme pain and agony. I am writing this letter to expose my vulnerability of being from the mainland and also being a non-tribal. I am basically from Kerala and had come here from Delhi to teach for APPSCCE-2017.
I had come here in mid July and started teaching in an academy at G extension, opposite SBI, Naharlagun.
The trouble began by the time my classes were getting over; the manager of the institute began to delay my payment. I was forced to stop the class.
I had to move out of the institute and I started staying with one of my students. I had informed the students about my fiasco and many came forward to support me. After getting in touch with many of the students, I came to know that this has become a regular phenomenon in many of the coaching institutes. The teachers leave out of fear or because of the fact that nobody is there to support them. Moreover they are in a tribal state and are really scared to meddle with the locals and any criminal case against an SC/ST can effectively ruin their career. And many local managers of these coaching institutes take on these vulnerabilities of the teacher’s from the mainland and our sufferings are going unnoticed.
Arunachal is a state that I love for its scenic beauty and its tribal flavour. This was my second time to Arunachal. During my first time, I had a very good outing and went back with some precious memories from students with another institute.
But the institute that I have mentioned in my letter has literally ruined my life here. My amount worth 1.79 lakh is pending and I have literally no way of getting it back because of the intimidating nature of the manager.
He won’t dare to do it against an APST but being from outside I am at a huge disadvantage here. I am just a voice of many who have left with bitterness in their heart.
Many a times we hear about people from the northeast getting discriminated in cities in mainland. But here unfortunately and opposite case is happening.
There’s a good chance that I may even go back without even a penny in my pocket or even with some threats of violence. But it’s bringing a bad name to this wonderful state and many of the beautiful people I love.
A few rotten apples are ruining an entire bunch here.
Also such managers are the product of the corruption and lack of ethics which is rampant in the society here.
Many a times we here about the politicians being corrupt in Arunachal. But it should be understood that the society itself is getting corrupted and the elected politicians are just a reflection of the society.
I write this letter as a citizen of India and also as a fellow human being.
Instead of pleading to Lord Buddha at Monasteries or in innumerable churches and Donyi Polo shrines, I plead to the civil society of Arunachal to support your brothers like me from mainland when their basic rights are trampled here.
Ajay T Joseph