Efforts to find the missing Arunachalee

Dear Editor,
Through Facebook, I came to know about the missing of Mr Karto Riba and obtained the contact number of his wife at Vellore. When I communicated with her over mobile she was in a very sorry state and unable to provide details.
However, as a responsible teacher retired from Arunachal Pradesh living in Tamil Nadu, I have informed my friends living in Andhra Pradesh as well as Rotary Club South Asia, Chennai office to circulate and forward the matter to Andhra Pradesh branch to trace out Karto Riba.
I also informed Mrs Riba to call me in case of any emergency or any assistance.
During 38 years of my service in Arunachal Pradesh, the tribal people have given me and my family a lot of love , help and many kind of assistance for which I am here to help them when they are in distress.
I further thank Arunachal Times for publishing such information immediately enabling us to learn latest developments in Arunachal.
S Sankaran,
Tamil Nadu