Scientific exploration of germplasms in Subansiri basin

ITANAGAR, Nov 26: The week-long scientific expedition for exploration and documentation of wild ornamental plant genetic resources and its diversity in Subansiri basin of Arunachal Pradesh came to an end on Sunday.
The main purpose of the tour was to identify, collect and prepare herbarium specimens as per prescribed methodology of diverse wild floras of ornamental values.
Many important areas like Parsin-Palin, Tayasimla, Biku-Rottom, Nido, Kina and other adjoining areas within Subansiri basin were thoroughly explored and a large number of important germplasms were collected during the expedition.
The collected germplasms will be further documented scientifically after they are identified by their vernacular names and other ethno-botanical data.
Further, the germplasms will be conserved at the institutional level for use in future research and development works.
The Subansiri basin was particularly emphasized upon because after the completion of the 2,000 MW Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project at Dollungmukh, countless flora species of the Subansiri basin will reportedly be submerged into oblivion, never to be seen again.
It was a median attempt to check loss of valuable plant genetic resources and also to prevent them from coming under endangered species category so soon.
The scientific expedition team was led by State Horticulture Research & Development Institute (SHRDI) scientists Tape Gab and Olivia Moyong (Scientist-1).