Voting system of Arunachal Idol

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to clarify on certain misconceptions people have with regard to the voting system of Arunachal Idol, especially in the context of an Article published in your esteem daily by an Anonymous writer on Nov 22 last.

To begin with, the public voting system of Arunachal Idol is the same as the one already in use and popular at the National stage. From Indian Idol to Dance India Dance on Zee TV, TV channels have been exploring SMS as a medium to engage the audiences and the same has been exacted by us, here, in the state level.

The purpose is simple: to connect with the viewers and make them part of the competitions and in doing so, removing all pre-conceived notions of any biases from the judges on the show.

That said, however, the expert judgments from the judges themselves should and never will be undermined and therefore, the weightage of points between the judges and the audiences is kept in the ratio of 60:40, respectively.

With regard to the 100 votes per sim (network) connection, it is just to keep a balance among the supporters. As responsible organisers, we foreshadowed that in case, only a single vote is allowed from a given network, enthusiastic supporters would still attempt to vote for their favourites through multiple connections. This, in fact, would have caused greater inconvenience.

It may also be highlighted that the choice to vote for a competitor anywhere within the limit of 100 sms per connection is purely within the discretion of the audience and not at all binding upon any.

Our organization, like I said before, will always support and encourage our youths, and provide a platform for exposure and grooming, Arunachal Idol is the only show which is aired on the nationals level and it is up to the individuals to show determination to grab the opportunity. Our first edition winners have been on a successful run; they are self-employed now and supporting their families.

It is my immense pleasure to say that our winners of the first edition have helped us promote our second edition, which speaks volumes of the level of confidence and the exposure that the show does for our youths.

Lastly, I would also like to submit that we are still evolving and therefore, bound to have various shortcomings. It is, therefore, imperative that we hear more feedback with positive criticisms and suggestions. As for any doubts or misconception, one can always contact us in our office located at H-sector near Arunadoya School, it will be our pleasure to help them.


Mallu  Attu,

Arunachal Idol