Destruction, construction and occupation of government quarters

Dear Editor,
It has been long since we’ve heard anything regarding any progress or decision on the crusade against illegal destruction and construction and occupation of government quarters. While some people are still going on destroying the government quarters with a rather carefree and unbothered demeanor, others are left hanging in the middle with a complaint slapped against them.
The fault in this whole situation in the first place was the pick and chooses method of whom to charge with the conviction. Those belonging from the middle class earning average amount of wages were treated differently than those who are rich and stand in a position of power.
The second thing was that if the authority concerned with this case were strict enough to completely deny any destruction of government quarters or construction on it, it wouldn’t have come this far. But, they neither completely restricted nor put any sort of ban on it officially. And it is still going on.
Those who are served with the complaints are in the risk of either losing their pension/pay or losing their house. And while that’s going on, some people who are still doing it, aren’t even being identified.
All we need is a justified conclusion to this menace. Action must be taken, treat all the same.
A concerned citizen