Do not occupy govt land

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed Daily’s, Readers Forum” I would like to place the grievances of the People, specially of the twin capital dwellers that the occupancy of the land of government/property of the government the works’ department by the private individuals at both sides of the road is uncivilised in nature, keeping in mind that it obstructs future broadening of the roads etc.
The government of the state, the law enforcing authority and the concerned department should demarcate its area and also should legislate and execute sets of laws, regarding its landholding, and preventive measures to avoid encroachments or occupancy especially at both sides of the road, keeping in mind of future nuisances by nature and human population at large.
It is well aware, and also should be feed in mind of the concerned citizens and the government that the road is the only lifeline for development in the mountainous state like Ours.
So, say No” to Occupancy of land by the side of roads and yes to best road connectivity.
Birendra Tallong,