Traffic chaos

Dear Editor,
We can see the sudden rise in growth of population within the capital city of Arunchal Pradesh and it is directly proportional to the needs and wants of the population.
It is obvious that as there is growth in population, there will be havoc within the state.
But, if we consider the small places within capital complex like Doimukh, we can easily make a blueprint about the population surviving at Doimukh and it is very unfortunate that even then, there is a heavy traffic jam at Doimukh basically during evening hours and we find no police personnel neither there is any administrative control over the traffic system of Doimukh. It really creates hindrances for the general public to make free flow communication at Doimukh many a times we can see accidents happenings at people quarreling with each other in a brutal manner.
I vehemently exhort the apex concern authorities of Doimukh to meticulously look into the matter without any impediment and resolve the matter at the earliest for the worthiness of the general people of Doimukh.
Raja Taye, Doimukh