Where is my country heading ?

Dear Editor,
Since I came to know of Democracy, equality, liberty and all that crap, I was still a happy old soul. Today we are living in a country where one has to prove his loyalty and patriotism. Are we only limited and reduced to Bharat Mata ki jai, Vande Mata ram and singing National Anthem? We hypocritically declare that we are proud to be Indians and at the slightest opportunity if one can afford, send their children to UK, USA and also maybe land up there and settle there for good. It is common feature in the daily news bulletin about changing history as we would like to hear it, not as it was. History is not written as per ones own whims and sentiments. The saffron brigade is busy issuing diktats of what food we should eat, how we should dress, what movies to watch and God knows what else is in the cards. We might as well be asked to sing the National Anthem before breakfast someday. The Indian Army may as well turn up in dhotis for traditionalists one fine day. Vigilantism has killed people on suspicion which is preposterous. Sadly justice has been denied, instead we have our law makers justifying cold blooded murder. Writers and social activists like, Pansare, Kalburgi, Gauri Lankesh have all got killed for daring to write for a cause, but our citizens are least bothered and so called investigations by highly placed police officers are all a farce.
Our hope of a great India rests with our elite and the intellegencia to lead our country onward ahead of all countries in the world. Here again our hope seems to fail, when we are witness to Chief Minister Vasundera Raje’s silence against the fringe elements, then what can we expect from turn coats. Nobody wants to talk of what happened in Gujarat. Everybody in India knows the truth, but would prefer not to utter a word. Isn’t this hopocracy. The Khap panchayats have their hey day without any hindrance. The leaders as usual who are only counting votes, not even lip service here. Why are certain organizations against westernization. Whats wrong, all our modern homes whether in cities and towns have western influence. Our lifestyle, best of amenities available to us, life of comfort, cars, computers, buildings, roads and anything you can crave of in life have all come to us from western concept and made life worthwhile in this world. Shall we all leave these and go back to the jungles?
Discrimination is one word every Indian shies away from. Yes the British have discriminated against Indians, and why not, they were foreigners. It has been rated that Indians are the raciest people in the world. In India, Indians discriminate against its own people why not admit it, there is a dived in our society, be honest and accept it. It is there in the mindset. Attitude towards Blacks is known the world over. Though nobody speaks about it. In India it is conspeaques looking at matrimonial advertisements indicating preference for a fair complexion wife, forgetting that 70% of our people are brown skinned.
On the question of ones faith I think it should be best left to the choice of the individual. It is non of anybody’s business to be asking in what he believes in. It is well known In Arunachal Pradesh that the affiliates of the saffron brigade are active in the name of upholding local culture. They are not interested in our culture? Their agenda is an open secret. I interacted with one such active member and he tells me that he is here to propagate patriotism. Well, it is we who are screaming at the top of our voice that we are Indians. Isn’t this is what patriotism is all about. The incumbent’s service would be more appropriate where millions are dying in the streets of our country rather than coming to a state where there are no beggers.
Jathi Pulu