The curious charm of the security cell

Dear Editor,
People need to know, what is so lucrative about security cell that every police personnel of the state want to be attached with the security cell. What does it offer and how far it is true about being lucrative.
Whenever a police personnel wearing khaki and weapons dangling down the belt passes by any layman’s path, what impression they get? Surely, they are amazed at the heroic looks and pictures starts to crop up about few movies they had watched earlier like Dabbang, Surya, etc… How they fight and dances.
My dear friends, what you see may be deceptive, have you ever wondered beyond that limit. The police personnel too have own life, they have families, friends and problems as same as you have, they are not superhuman, as the saying goes “a wearer knows where the shoe pinches”.
Whenever you look at the security personnel, it is so charming to resist as some say. Do you critics ever realize at what condition they serve the duty. The uniform they wore has to be arranged by spending extra penny as the allowance is not enough. They are always excused for leave during festive seasons when others are enjoying, they are excused when there is no reliever for them and also during emergency cases sometime they are excused for leave.
He accept it pleasantly, families has to accept it saying- “police ka duty hai kya karega”.
Let me remind you that the Security cell in question is not an independent department as some say. Yes, in other states they have an independent security cell where they have all the facilities. The security cell in our state is under the PHQ, for every single piece of items like envelopes, tables, chairs, pen etc has to be requisitioned from PHQ.
And if you look at the facilities for security personnel, there are not enough vehicles for which it has to be requisition from MT. They have to manage their own means of transportation most of the time for duty due to lack of vehicles in the department and problem is that too as they dwell in different corners of the city due to non-availability of police colony/Quarters.
As the critics highlighted the numbers to be surpass; why go only with the numbers of personnel kindly go through number of protected too which indicates, there is need of more personnel in the security cell, otherwise why they have to always engage personnel from other units.
As the critics support that the personnel should be well trained. If all security personnel starts to carry out strict security protocol, it is going to be difficult for both the critics and publics to follow daily engagement with the VIP/Politicians.
If the Chief Minister of every state starts to engage NSG cover for their security then there will be no efficient deliverance of public grievances for which you should feel lucky as the state police is serving.
Friends do not be deceived by such representation of pictures and analysis by few critics as the security personnel are performing their duties sincerely leaving one two exceptions. If the critics points are to be taken, yes they need better facilities- like separate police colonies with enough quarters, enough vehicles for faster delivery of duties, efficient welfare for them and enough personnel so to ease the duties.
A policeman