Dear Editor,
The bell of Christmas is ringing in the hearts of every believers, friends and well wishers. Could sense the momentum around waiting for the X-Mass Eve to arrive. While walking down in the evening are seen Carol team children’s, youths, old and young singing Carol songs to receive the new born King. The thrill and joy in our hearts are shared through X-Mass greetings with friends in and out. The tempo created during this holy seasons be carried forward and not end after 25th Dec. Day. The joy of sharing ideas, gift and word of God should reach far corners. All walks of life are preparing themselves for the day. The students are all set for winter break after their semester exams to join family and friends in the celebration, Govt. employees are availing leave, Entrepreneurs are offering incentives in their businesses and people in the villages are planning out for the great day.
Let this X-Mass be not just an event for celebration. Let us take a pledge that through this X-Mass we shall spread the message of Love, Peace and kindness among families, friends and well wishers.
With this joy and commitment let us rejuvenate ourselves in welcoming Happy New Year 2018.
A. Sungam,