Siang is dying

Dear Editor,
Siang is Sick and crying for care and support. Siang, one of the longest and important rivers of India is in sick bed since last few months. The colour of water has rapidly changed from crystal clear green blue to dark contaminated mixture of sands and cement. The volume of water has been reduced to half. It is turning uglier and weaker with each passing day.
We should not forget the longest river of the state is lifeline and shelter to thousands of living things. It plays an important role in ecological and hydrological balance of the state.
It’s a high time we as citizen of this green and river dependent state come in support for the sick ageing Siang instead of waiting for the govt official’s report and conclusions. For those who have not visited the river, I urge them to come and see the reality for it will be an eye opener for all.
The mighty river is seriously sick and needs protection and restoration as early as possible. Let’s come together and save the Siang.
Biku Jaipu,