Border security of Arunachal Pradesh

Dear Editor,
History stands for the fact that strong leaders had created the great empires and the weakest ones had contributed to the declination. In a similar case, Donald Trump has been portraying an unattractive image of U.S in international affairs in recent times, which shows a pleasing gesture to China as China’s dream to sit atop the position in global leadership is seemingly not very far from reality. This may even become easier with Mr. Xi Jinping as its head who has made history by adding his thought and his name in the Communist Party’s Constitution recently.
Mr. Xi’s aggressive policy of One Belt One Road and Maritime Silk Route possess a real threat to India’s position not only in terms of economic warfare but in strategic policies too. It is important to see that China’s economic victory can make India too sick to feed Indian Army with enough courage to battle with Chinese counterparts again at the McMahon Line where China had taught a lesson to India back in Sino-India War of 1962. As a rumour goes around that 21st century is Asian Century, China is aggressive to make it Chinese Century and has been extending its economic strength brilliantly.
Chinese focus towards Indian Ocean is a big challenge for India as they are running parallel towards the same goal. But this can be a good news for innocent Arunachalees who assume the possibilities of military intrusion in the border too soon. If any conflict is coming soon between India and China, then it should be in Indian Ocean not at Tawang because Chinese are not fool to fight where there is no trading advantage.
And if they look for strategically advantage point, Doklam plateau provides more advantage to cut off the entire northeast from India by breaking chicken’s neck from Siliguri corridor.
Moreover, the whole world have learned from World War- ll that nuclear weapons are not the toys to play with anytime but Pakistan and North Korea are exceptional anyway. Thus, until and unless China takes the position of U.S (which is definitely a tough task), Mr. Xi cannot underestimate Mr. Modi, who also holds his equal position both in character and global politics. However, dominant character of China is something natural owing to its greater economy and military position. And if Indo-China border conflict arises for any reason sooner, the President/s of Border Students’ Union/s or any such associations of Arunachal Pradesh must realise that external affairs is union’s subject, not a cup of tea for students’ unions. They should rather control the mushrooming of their siblings and check the unchecked immigration.
Pankai Chingsaham,
New Delhi