Crime against women and children

Dear Editor,
I am a part of the country, where the gallows is full of rapists; where the rape and molest news is inevitable part of breaking news as it happens every day.
The country I live always wakes up with news of rape and molest every single day.
Sometime I wonder for how long the crime against women will continue.
When I read the news of minor girl raped and brutally murdered, I wondered about the culprit involved.
How can such people exist, whose mind and heart is so polluted?
The rapist has not right to live, and there is no reason to keep such people alive.
But how do we stop one from becoming a rapist?
In such vast land, we have to accept the fact that there are some men whose minds are hell-bent on satisfying his needs by any means.
I wish there was a one stop solution applicable to control the birth of such mindset.
The more such things happen, the more fun zone of kids gets smaller; kids parents are now more worried than ever.
To women, you have very rights at your disposal to take any path you are willing to, but when you are on that path be strong enough to fight, to not give up easily. Keep the fighting spirit alive, always.
To parents, be aware that safety of kids is your priority. Don’t just get so much involved in your stuffs that you forget about your kids. Be the guardian and mentor of your kids.
And to citizens, it’s is not okay to sweep away the incidents under the carpet and say, it’s just another breaking news. Some way our ignorance is the case of such incidents, some way our acceptance of silence keeps the trail of tragedy continued, and in some way our “chalta hain” attitude is the root cause.
Joint hands together to fight this crime against women.
T Menjo