No more shocks, please

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to express certain uncertainty and dilemma in the minds of APCS Aspirants. 2017 was a rocking and shocking year for APCS aspirants.
We all hope and pray this New Year will be the beginning of more responsible and competent APPSC. We would like to request APPSC chairman and comptroller of APPSCCE to introduce jammer in each and every exam centre and also super-strict checking process.
Also the APPSC should not hurry in setting the paper and should let the prelims papers be checked by experts before finalising the papers to avoid last year’s mistake. Even the UPSC sets question paper from NCERT books keeping in mind the easy availability, low price and authenticity and so that any aspirant from interior place or corner or even poor candidates can prepare for UPSC.
But if copy pasting is done for whole paper then it becomes pure luck and chance game as there are innumerable sites and books. We hope the APPSC and paper setters keep this in mind while preparing the new papers. Lastly we hope and pray not to receive any New Year shock.
APCS Aspirants