Appreciate India’s unique diversities

Dear Editor,
“If you are a Hindu, why are you allowing beef in the state?” — Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s address to Karnataka Chief Minister P C Siddaramaiah.
Firstly, one’s Hindu credential is not a bit dependent upon consumption or rejection of beef. And even the most “pious” Hindu also holds no moral or democratic authority to exceed his/her brief ie his/her religious sentiment needs to be confined within his/her self or family and it should have no bearing in public or State domain.
Secondly, Siddaramaiah is at first not only an Indian, but also serves as the Chief Minister of an Indian state by taking the oath on the name of Constitution which swears by secularism. So far from banning beef, his esteemed neutral Chair is duty-bound to protect the dietary rights of all sections of Indians and citizens of the democratic state.
When will the Hindutva brigade succeed in learning the real essence of India ie its heterogeneity and start appreciating its unique diversities?
Kajal Chatterjee,