High hopes from govt

Dear Editor,
Yogong and Yosing are most backward and remote villages of Rumgong circle under Siang district. People of these villages are still following the age old traditional way of management to meet their daily basic needs.
While almost all the villages of this circle have electricity, road and telecommunication connectivity, Yogong and Yosing villages are yet to be connected. Due to lack of these facilities, educated youths are moving out of these beautiful villages which are a serious concern for the villagers.
Though the road construction of Yogong village was started in the 1990’s, but till date they have managed to constructed only 3km out of 15km. The aerial distance from Mopung village to Yong is only 3km for electricity connection. The mobile network coverage is at Kihing Yorbe just 2km from Yogong village.
With the launching of SAUBHAGYA, Digital panchayat and PMGSY schemes with a target to connect all villages of India by 2019, the villagers have high hopes from government of Arunachal Pradesh and particularly from the Local MLA and Panchayat Leaders for new development at Yogong village.
Tami Mize
Tabor Taggu
Moyi Dule Yogong village