TRIHMS on track

Dear Editor,
Apropos the News item carried in your esteemed daily “Medical College academic session to be delayed as MCI denied approval to TRIHMS”, dated 18th January 2018, I would like to bring to light the following points:
1. The first visit of Assessment Team of the Medical Council of India (MCI) was on 16th and 17th November 2017 , the official report of which has been received by TRIHMS on 14th January 2018. The MCI team has given the list of discrepancies which need to be fulfilled without which Permission to start the Medical college cannot be given.
2. The main discrepancies listed include faculty shortage as the main point besides others viz. incomplete lectures halls & Library, laboratory facilities, patient attendance and OPD/emergency spaces etc.
3. Fortunately, Faculty recruitment process is back on track which was unduly delayed due to litigation. In fact, the Phase-Ill of the recruitment process was completed smoothly and was promptly cleared by the Honourable Chief Minister on 11th January 2018. Faculties so recruited have joined since.
4. Great efforts are being put in to fulfill other Minimum Standard Requirement (MSR) of MCI for obtaining letter of permission {LOP) stage.
5. Moreover, the state government has been directly communicating with MCI and the Govt, of India to gather all possible support for starting the first medical college of Arunachal Pradesh.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to state that , no doubt, the delay in faculty recruitment process has greatly jeopardized the prospect of the Medical College, but the situation is not as gloomy as your Daily has painted. In fact rarely a new medical college is granted permission at first Assessment Inspection. Upon submission of compliance report by TRIHMS, the MCI assessment team is expected to visit again in March 2018 and the hope to start the academic session by 2018 is very much alive.
The Director of TRIHMS has been quoted out of context and the sincere effort and commitment of the state government for the upcoming Medical College has been greatly diluted. The TRIHMS Medical College is like an un-born child and should be kept away from undue attention till it is delivered.
Dr. Moji Jini,
Director TRIHMS
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh,