‘Natural sculpture’ in Kra Daadi

YANGTE, Jan 21: A team from the Tarh Welfare Society (TWS) recently discovered what they said is ‘one of the biggest unique sculptures created by nature’, during their visit to Rayung Domchuk and Langa Tata mountain range in Yangte circle of Kra Daadi district.
TWS General Secretary Tarh Tarak, who led the team and claimed to have discovered the unique natural sculpture, said that the site would be converted into a tourist spot.
Tarak informed that Langa Tata mountain has mythological significance, with several caves and huge stone carvings “which might have been created by mother nature.”
The site, spread in an area of around 1000 sq mtrs, with eight naturally carved stones, looks like a cave used for hiding during wars in ancient times.
He informed that ‘Pelang Sangri’, is believed to be a living stone,” and that it is a replica of the Rayung Domchuk and Langa Tata group of mountains.
The TWS has decided to preserve the site by forming various sub-committees.
Leader of Opposition and Palin-Chambang MLA Takam Pario said the site needs to be developed as a tourist site and be included in the tourist list. “The government should take steps to develop the area as a tourist spot,” he said.
Yangte ZPM Tarh Monika, who visited the site for the first time, said he would take up the matter with the district administration, the local MLA and the state government to develop the area as a tourist spot.
Expressing happiness over the discovery of the site, Kra Daadi Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu said that he would send an officer shortly to survey and study the structure.
Geological Survey of India Director, PK Singh said some people from Yangte circle had approached the department a few weeks ago and explained about existence of some sculpture there. He said he had assured to send a team of geologists before March to ascertain the exact nature of the rock there.
Geologist Sanjay Singh, who carried out the hand-in sample lab testing, informed that it is a “meta sedimentary rock with content of dolomites.”
Nyoing Ringte HGB Tarh Taji, who was also present at the site with a team of GBs of the area, said that there are lots of stories of the site. He narrated a story of a senior member of the society, Tarh Tugung, who spotted the site in the early sixties and died after seeing it.
Taji said that the area had not been visited by anyone since then.
Expedition team leader Tarh Tumbu, said that a team of youths had gone to the area on 14 December, 2017, cleared the jungle, and tried to make a footpath on the mountain site.
“The administration and government need to take care of the structure and site,” he said.
The site is located in Pagiahappa area on the Yangte-Tali road.