Digital divide

Dear Editor,
In its race to be digital, government is promoting e-governance in a big way. However, various schemes are launched but hardly any checks and balances are there nor public feedback is taken.
Notwithstanding, the innumerable advantages that e-governance brings, but do we ever ponder over the cost to the exchequer or whether these initiatives have actually helped people.
We talk about corruption when buildings collapse, roads damage because these can be observed by the least literate of common people but what about intangible services like IT.
Can the common people know whether the money pumped in IT services are actually worth every penny and about the losses incurred when IT schemes fail?
When there is a huge digital divide, how can such service help?
Schools in capital complex itself don’t have basic amenities like furniture, toilet, water supply and we talk of digitalisation.
Public awareness and activism is necessary for clean and transparent governance which is a hallmark of e-governance.
N Lima,
Polo colony