Employment: a distant dream

Dear Editor,
A parent’s top priority is that their child or children complete their education and settle down with good jobs. While education can be pursued from anywhere within the state or outside the state, most parents steer their children towards engineering or medical professions and push their children to take up Science instead of Arts or Commerce. And their reason is that there is no scope for students from other streams except Science.
However, now-a-days, we find qualified engineers applying for posts of LDC or UDC. This is not to say that these jobs are not good enough. However, when a student has studied to be an engineer, shouldn’t they be applying for jobs which require engineering skills?
Many factors are responsible for such practices by highly qualified professionals, which include lack of posts, political issues and such. However, one of the major reasons is the lack of job opportunities in the private sector.
There are only a few well-known private companies in our state with job openings, and most of them offer very low pay scales. The prime reason for this is that the people of the state, along with the government, are not allowing private companies to get established in the state.
The government doesn’t have enough jobs to give to all the people, especially with thousands of students graduating every year and remaining unemployed.
Banks also do not approve loan for start-ups until they are government employees, and not everyone qualifies for the government schemes.
Since it is no secret that there is a price for most jobs, such practices limit the options of middle class or BPL families. They either have to top the examinations or turn to criminal activities to earn their daily livelihood.
In the past few years, unemployment has also become one of the major factors for the rise in crime rate.
Inviting private companies to establish in the state would serve as one of the best ways to curb the unemployment of the state and bring some relief to thousands of struggling youths.
The state government may continue to focus on roads, communication, infrastructure, etc, but until the employment issue is resolved, we cannot expect to have a truly developed state.
Concerned citizen
Arunachal Pradesh