Upper age limit

Dear Editor,
Many times various organizations have given representation to government regarding increasing the upper age limit to few more years. Government should understand that present upper age limit is not fair.
In our state 1-2 vacancy notification comes out, once in 2-3 years that too for few posts and it take years to complete the recruitment. In spite of huge vacancies, government takes years to notify it.
The government has increased retirement age which further squeezes out the job opportunity of unemployed youth. In these process, candidates cross the upper age limit of 35 years (including relaxation), without their fault.
Other state has upper age limit upo 45 years for SC/ST. But upper age limit of 38 years is best and most fair.
On repeated request for increasing the upper age limit, government have not made its stand clear and nor have given any reason and its shows the arrogance of government.
Arrogance is not good for health of any elected government.
So through this letter we once again appeal to increase upper age limit to few more years and if there is any technical or financial problem in increasing upper age limit, make it public. We will understand the problem of government but please do not remain silent.
Contractual employees