Open Letter to the Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
Irrespective of whichever season comes and goes; the state Home department is at all time in hibernating mode and in no way hurry about file proceeding. The Snail’s pace is the speed of file movement within the Home department to say the least. Moreover, very often even the important file move backward. The reason is best known to them.
As it is a bountiful season for the youths of the state to grab a good numbers of police driver posts from the concerned department; therefore, the concerned department should at least suspend its hibernation mode to care about early declaration of the final result of the police driver posts.
Yours faithfully has heard from a reliable source that PHQ Chimpu has already sent the final result of the said posts in a sealed file to the Home department a month ago but the concerned department is withholding the declaration of the said result altogether.
Such a long withholding of the final result for a long time without a valid reason on one hand makes mockery of big claim of the state government’s achievement in terms of good administration, good governance, transparency as appears in the state dailies; on the other hand it invites a suspicious speculations about probity of final result. Because day after day yours faithfully learns that few candidates are on self-selection-cum-self- declaration-cum-celebration spree of the said result through third party which directly points towards involvement of political and money power.
Through this column of your esteemed state daily, I , therefore, on behalf of aware youth of the state, urge and at the same time appeal our young, energetic and bold CM Pema Khandu to direct the Home department to declare the final result of police driver post as soon as is possible.
Mizum Lollen,