Nyokum and ritualistic values

Dear Editor,
Through your esteem daily, the Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS) extend its heartfelt greetings for happy and prosperous Nyokum Yullo-2018.
The Nyokum Yullo is not only a mere recreational celebration of Nyishi community, but one of the most sanctified and pious festivals, involving a high degree of ritualistic values and spiritual sanctity of the community. It is the reflection of our ethics and also the embodiment of Nyishi tradition and culture, dwelling with the values of harmonious peaceful co-existence of mankind with the nature.
With the advancement of modernity and alien cultures, the celebration of Nyokum Yullo in distortion form is inevitable which may be amounting to sacrilege and de-sanctifying of the indigenous tradition and culture but in the process we have a chance to miss out the very gist and values of the festival. Moreover, strangely we have developed a tendency of going extra miles away from our roots and genesis in the pretext of modernity whereas modernity could be and should be to nurture and protect the roots, with the accumulated wisdoms at par with the cultures of rest of the world. So it’s the moral responsibilities and obligation of the intellectuals, youths and every right thinking people of the community to pass on the truest form of the Nyokum Yullo celebration to our next generation.
Therefore, NIFCS humbly appeal to all the intrinsic scholars and Researchers to kindly make it convenient to visit the places of Nyokum Yullo Celebration where it’s in true spirit and essence involving all ritualistic events are being performed so as to come out with more comprehensive observations and documentation of the festivals.
Otherwise, it would be erroneous to document and come out with any conclusion and observations of the festivals from the Nyokum Yullo celebration without priest and ritualistic events.
I also appeal to every member of the community to celebrate the Nyokum Yullo in its true spirit. Let’s not only propitiate benevolent spirits or God and Goddesses for doing away the misery, hardship and natural calamities but get rid of hatred, greediness, jealousy, intolerance and egos from us.
Let’s not only pray and celebrate for the prosperity, fertility and for bumper harvesting but also for the prosperity and growth of inner peace and consciences and love for each other.
May Mother Nyokum Yullo bless all of us the wisdom of humanity and harmony.
Happy Nyokum Yullo-2018!
Pai Dawe,
President NIFCS