Give them a chance

Dear Editor,
Although our state is poor and backward in terms of infrastructural development in contrast to many region of the country, but in terms availability of human resources, we are no less than any region.
We have 66.9 % literacy rate which is above many region. Besides educational aspect, we have large number of talented and skilled artist of varying ages group in different fields such as music, dance, painting and acting.
However, due to lack of provision of suitable platform, the potentialities and skills of them go unexplored and unnoticed.
Hardly a few could make it to the national level through their hard work, perseverance & determination.
To name a few, Jelly Kayi made it twice in Indian idol, Nangbia chanda in Dance India Dance and Toko Teji in India’s Got Talent.
So when we have the right platform to showcase their talents and skill, we ought not to deprive them of the chance.
Therefore, it will not be wrong to urge organizing committee of 32 statehood day celebration to kindly give artist from our own state an opportunity to showcase themselves rather than inviting artist from abroad which incurs huge expenditure from the state exchequer.
Jeta Riba