Suggestion for budget

Dear Editor,
Since State Government is inviting suggestion from citizens of Arunachal Pradesh to be incorporated in ensuing Budget 2018-19, I would also like to suggest only one point related to State Infrastructure Development Fund whose objective is to improve infrastructure development of each Assembly Constituency of Arunachal Pradesh.
As of now Rs.10 Crores is being provided annually against one Assembly Constituency under SIDF. Indirectly it can be considered as additional MLALAD Fund.
It is a recently introduced scheme and since its inception it is being implemented fairly in all constituencies of Arunachal Pradesh. The concerned officers and contractors are not violating the guidelines.
Till today no supporters of MLA are being allowed to choose and pick any project against this fund.
Every project is dully executed only after open tender therefore no contractor is executing any project before floating of tender.
Further no Legislators have ever interfered in the process of work order allotment therefore there is no nepotism, favoritism.
No party color ever prevails in implementation of SIDF scheme which helps respective departments to achieve physical target with 100 % result within stipulated time. Therefore it is the best scheme in the State.
Considering this genuineness, I suggest that present State Government raise the amount to the tune of Rs.50 cr only in ensuing budget 2018-19 as a part of State BJP Government policy on the reason that this budget is falling at the end of their tenure. Give them the privilege to enjoy SIDF with enhanced amount, further its guidelines also should be waved off in lieu of their neutrality while implementing SIDF in previous years. However, this relaxation should be immediately revoked after one time implementation.
I hope all sitting BJP, INC and PPA MLAs will surely be happy with it. After all it is a matter of relaxation and who does not like relaxation in Arunachal Pradesh because it is a land of relaxation. Because of excessive relaxation, various important projects of this State are moving at snail’s speed which makes Arunachal Pradesh ‘The Land of Relaxation’.
Since it will be implemented as part of BJP State Government policy, therefore it should also be intimated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through Union MoS Home Kiren Rijiju and I hope international repute leader like Narendra Modi will never fail to appreciate it for genuineness and transparency. And far sighted and intelligent leader like Kiren Rijiju will not only recommend it to his Prime Minister Modi, he will plead vehemently in favour of amount enhancement and waiving off guidelines.
I hope my suggestion is the best suggestion and no suggestion will beat my suggestion. Therefore, I will be getting the first prize and in this regard I earnestly appeal Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein to award me cash prize immediately in advance. In fact both of them deserve appreciation for inviting suggestions from common people to be incorporated in the State Budget for the first time in political history of Arunachal Pradesh.
Taro Chatung,
Senior Journalist