Window of opportunity

Finally there is glimmer of hope that peace may return to Korean peninsula. After months of heightened tension between reclusive North Korea and United States, the two countries are showing sign of willingness to hold talks. During the closing ceremony of winter Olympic Games, the office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced that a North Korean delegate to the Olympics said his country is willing to hold talks with the US. On their part the US said it would wait and watch to see whether North is serious about resuming the talks.
This latest gesture is significant considering the fact that Korean peninsula has been boiling for the last one year. Hostility between US and North Korea has been brewing for some time. North has been continuously conducting reckless nuclear tests which have alarmed the international communities. They have been specially conducting long range missile test with nuclear capability to target US. This has angered US. Further President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung Un has been making personal provocative attacks on each other. For long international community has feared of further escalation of tension between US and North Korea. But winter Olympic Games have thawed the relation between North and South Korea. This has provided a window of opportunity to de-escalate tension in the region. With North also showing sign of readiness to talk, US will have to play significant role in order to create friendly atmosphere for talks to resume.