Unexplained power cuts in D sector

Dear Editor,
I, currently residing in D-sector, Itanagar would like to draw the attention of public towards the grievances we are facing due to irregular electricity supply. It has been 2 years since, I started living here in D-Sector, and in these two years there has never been a day without power cut. Sometime I feel like electricity is a guest in my home. I see every night that other sectors are glowing brighter than the Sirius A but still my sector is darker than the black hole.
Water supply, induction function because of electricity. I can’t even imagine a life without electricity in these modern days and I hope rest of the world does too. Our eyes are turning smoky opaque because of nightly candle lights and we student are reading every night at the cost of our visions.
We have complaint many times and the premise of the power department office has become nothing more than a playground for us. Moreover, rude behaviors of the staffs worsen the situation. If we put up a single complaint, they give us a million of reasons. They will win every single debate but they are not in a position to serve the common.
Though, I do not know the actual reasons behind the power cuts but I know that we are suffering the aftermath every day and every night.
Pali Nitik