Advertise posts or increase age limit

Dear Editor,
When government increased retirement age, our Chief minister promised bumper employments generation. So the unemployed youths did not protest much to the decision of Khandu government. But now our patience is running out. More than one year has passed; there is no sign of advertisement of jobs although, in local dailies, we often read of approval of various posts but there are no notifications to these posts.
It is not that vacant posts are not available. There are many vacant posts including District tourism officer, Tourist Information Officer, District Transport Officer, MVI Inspector. But why government is taking such long time to notify these vacant posts?
Those who are already in permanent job, for them it may be minor issue and they may not understand the pain and worry of aspirants who are at the verge of crossing upper age limit or those who have crossed it. With the passage of day, week and month, hundreds of job aspirants are crossing upper age limit of 35 years which means they will be disqualified for the government job forever.
If government needs few more time to notify the vacant posts why do not they just increase upper age limit for few more years. To do so state government do not need approval of centre nor there is need to pass bill in legislative assembly. Simple cabinet decision is required.
We appeal to the government to advertise all the vacant posts before local body election or just increase the upper age limit to 35 years.