Assimilate Rohingays in Bangladesh

Dear Editor,
Bangladesh as a nation has earned the respect of the whole planet for the unbelievable humanitarian support extended to the helpless Rohingya refugees pouring in from Myanmar; when the major global and regional powers including the UN have miserably failed to do any justice to their deplorable conditions other than some meager aid support. The whole world salutes Bangladesh and PM Sheikh Hasina for their whole hearted efforts in resolving one of the greatest humanitarian crises that the world has witnessed during recent times. I sincerely doubt if the Rohingya settlement will ever happen in the near future in Myanmar; and even if that happens if that would be safe and will provide any future for the communities within a nation that is completely hostile to these helpless people. Through your esteemed media outlet, I humbly request the humanitarian Bangladesh Government and the highly honorable and commendable citizens of this inspiring nation to kindly assimilate Rohingays in Bangladesh as new citizens with voting rights. Bangladesh will be known in the history in golden words as the greatest humanitarian nation of the planet through this humanitarian act. I sincerely believe that the Rohingya community will be safe in Bangladesh; and contribute significantly in the growth of this great nation; given an opportunity. I salute the nation for the great service she has rendered to humanity in recent times.
Saikat Kumar Basu,