Praiseworthy decision

The announcement of Chief Minister Pema Khandu to do away with motivated individual projects is perhaps one of the best outcomes of ongoing assembly session. The opposition PPA MLAs alleged that most of them were not consulted while awarding projects for their respective assembly constituencies. After detail discussion on the floor of assembly government decided to select developmental projects only through district planning boards and end the practice of awarding individual projects.
Henceforth all planning will be done at the legislative constituency level instead of top-down approach. This is a praiseworthy decision. Often it is seen that individuals place projects for their personal benefit and get it sanctioned using their contacts at top level. These kinds of projects do not benefit the ordinary citizens. The money goes to the pocket of few individuals. Also such projects are not properly executed as people look more for profit than working for the state. The scheme should be sanctioned based on actual needs. Proper survey should be conducted at ground before awarding the projects. Only those projects should be sanctioned which will benefit people in true sense. The state government has taken right decision by deciding to select developmental projects through district planning boards. Lot of people especially party workers will resist such move and might try to pressurize Chief Minister Pema Khandu and deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein to award projects to individuals. But they should not heed to any such demand and take decision in the greater interest of the state.