Against relaxation of norms

Dear Editor,
This is in response to AAPSU opposition to one time relaxation of norms for police officer’s promotion published on March 11.
In this regard, I would like to highlight some of the safeguards that are provided by the
Constitution of India to STs and especially to the STs of Arunachal Pradesh. The list includes Art
16(4), Art 46, Art 244, Vth schedule, Art 371(H)-Special provision with respect to the provision
of Arunachal Pradesh, Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873, Schedule Caste and schedule
Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities Act) 1989.
It is evident from the above that the Govt. is stressing so much for the upliftment of the marginalized section of people so as to make them at par with its mainstream citizens.
In such a circumstance and also with the existing recruitment rule of 80:20 ratio for all recruitments and promotions, the appeal made by some of the non-APST police officers for granting one time relaxation for promotion of police officers (APST and non-APST) from the rank of Sub- Inspector to Inspector on the basis of 50:50 ratio in Arunachal Pradesh amounts to undermining of the supreme law of the land i.e. the Constitution of India and also inherently, the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
It is pertinent to mention here that in states like Sikkim, Mizoram and Nagaland, 100% state Govt. jobs are reserved for the citizens having domicile of their respective states. It is only in our state that 80:20 ratio exist for job recruitments and promotions.
Being a police officer myself, I am aware of the fact that the department has been facing the wrath of stagnation but boosting one’s morale at the cost of others, specially of those who are more deprived is purely unethical.
I would like to first of all appeal to all the officers who have submitted a representation to the department regarding the same to withdraw it on morale ground.
I would also like to appeal to the authority concerned not to take any such decisions out of emotional reflexes which could bring a detrimental effect to the society and to strictly maintain the existing RR of 80:20 ratio for all recruitments and promotions in the interest of
people of Arunachal Pradesh.
Further, I would like to applaud AAPSU for their hard work in unearthing such a grave concern which otherwise would have remained veiled to the public eye.
Concerned Police Officer