Forcing women politicians to compromise

Dear Editor,
This is regarding the recent appointments made in the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women which clearly indicate that the women are being victimised at the hands of male political leaders who feels threate-ned at the leadership of women. Whenever woman is ready to take up strong political role, is a threat to the existing power stru-cture, it so happens that she is adjusted in the APSCW.
It’s true and a fact that some of members who have been appointed are strong contender for next election, they have been adjusted in the APSCW which has tenure of three years to keep away from their public field.
I am not questioning the caliber and capability of those women who were appointed in the past and have been appointed now.
I am sad because woman are being forced by male chauvinism and bound to compromise.
As a former legal advisor of the Commission for seven years, I have seen that the capable women public leader and who can be strong contender put in the APSCW chair . How I wish that these women had stood for the Legislative Assembly and raised the issues pertaining to women and children.
During this Assembly Session, not a single question were raised concerning the safety and security of women and children though for the first time in the history of the state, government incor-porated major points placed by the Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society in the budget have which are being applauded by the women of our state.
There is saying in Hindi “Saaph bi mar jaye aur lathi bhi na tutey” which has been put into practice by the government.
Women who are vocal and strong are pushed in a corner and forced to make political adjustments.
When we raise our voice for own rights, men often say that “yeh aurat toh jyada bolta hai”.
At the end it’s the women who have to pay a price; the ones who are appointed for political compulsion and those deserving women who are not appointed despite their dedication for the women’s cause because someone has to be adjusted.
Kani Nada Maling,
Former Legal Advisor,