Follow healthy transfer and posting process

Dear Editor,
I would like to express my concern about the recent episode of suspension of District Transport Officers of the state. One thing that is very common in their case is that these suspended officers have a very strong political lobby and that is why they have managed to be posted in the capital complex or in any other place of their choice for a fairly long time.
Now it is high time that those who have overstayed in a particular place of posting should be rotated for the sake of good governance and to discourage development of self interests on being posted in one place for a long time. It will boost the morale of other officers also who have waited lifelong to be posted in Itanagar. The officers whose misdeeds have been exposed should be punished with exemplary lessons and not be rewarded with a good posting.
I would like to request the Chief Secretary of the state to examine the matter in earnest so that a healthy transfer and posting process is followed by the Department of Transport and which is based on political connections or payment of the bribes to the transferring authorities who spawn such corrupt officials in the process. If the rotation system is followed there will be no scope for bribery and other illegal activities.
Techi Abang