‘Appoint PDS wholesale nominee’

KOLORIANG, Mar 26: The All Kurung Kumey Fair Price Shop & SK Oil Dealers Welfare Association has demanded that the Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner appoint the newly-selected wholesale nominee-cum-carriage contractor of PDS items of the district to be effective from 1 April, 2018.
In a representation to the deputy commissioner, the association stated that Sangrh-Langrh Multipurpose Cooperative Society had won the bid for wholesale nominee-cum-carriage contractor of PDS items in December 2017; but it said the cooperative society has not been appointed for supply of PDS items even after three months after it won the bid.
‘Otherwise, we would not deposit the cost of food grains in favour of Langbang Valley Multipurpose Cooperative Society against previous allotments (of food grains),’ the representation said.