Media exposed

The sting operation carried out by news website Cobrapost have exposes how Indian media houses plays scandalous politics behind the scene. During the investigation by Cobrapost many media houses were willing to peddle Hindutva agenda, which could lead to communal polarization for electoral gains, and to defame political rivals as part of a malicious media campaign, all for money. Shockingly many prominent print as well as electronic media have come under scanner following the expose.
Despite several shortcomings, over the year media has continued to earn the trust of the people of India. Infact the noisy Indian media is considered to be an integral part of the democracy. But when media starts peddling in politics for monetary gain the very essence of democracy is under threat. In the last few years Hindutva group have made life difficult for minorities in the country. Their hateful campaign against religious minorities is against the spirit of the republic of India. It is shocking to learn that media is willing to create communal unrest by promoting Hindutva agenda in the interest of the ruling party. The Cobrapost expose has shaken trust of the Indian people. Sadly henceforth media will always be looked upon with suspicion. It will be an uphill task for them to win back the trust of billions of Indian.