Hollow promises

In the last few days, All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) and All Kra Daadi District Students’ Union have leveled serious allegation of the misuse of fund meant for buying textbooks for the students of govt run schools. Using RTI documents the students groups have disclosed that textbooks for the last three academic years have not been disbursed to several districts. Also in few districts where the books were supplied, the number of books was less and not as per the requirement. So far the education department is yet to respond to the allegations. While their response is awaited, the serious nature of allegation calls for proper investigation.
The students studying in government schools are totally dependent on textbook provided by the education department. By denying them books the department is potentially harming their future. Majority of students studying in govt schools hails from poor economic background and cannot afford to buy books. The state government should launch thorough investigation into the allegation leveled by the students group. It is a serious matter and government should not brush it aside under carpet. The officials as well as suppliers responsible for the wrongdoing should be strongly punished. State government often claims that it gives top priority to education and health sector. But their claim has been exposed by the act of depriving textbooks to students for three consecutive years.