Rape incidents on rise

Yet another rape case has shocked the people of Arunachal. A minor girl was reportedly raped by four people at Yingkiong on the evening of March 25 last. Two of the accused were paraded naked by the angry relatives of the victim. In the last two months the incidents of rape have suddenly increased throughout the state. In most cases the victims are minor, which is a major cause of concern. At Yingkiong itself, this is the second major rape incident to have been reported within the span of two months.
The drastic increase in rape incident points towards deteriorating law and order in the state. It raises question mark over the effectiveness of police and administration. Government has to take steps to make policing more visible so that it instills fear in the eye of potential criminals. Also the judiciary system is so weak in Arunachal that criminals easily walk out of jail after committing the most heinous crime. Robust judiciary is need of the hour. The Arunachalee society as a whole also needs to introspect. The increase in rape incidents, point towards moral decay which is rotting our society. The easy availability of internet and mobile phones has made children more vulnerable. Parents should constantly keep an eye on the activities of their ward. The rise in number of rape incidents is worrying every citizen of the state. Everyone will have to join hand together to keep our daughters and sisters safe.