Govt should back citizens

The people of Changlang district have sent out a strong message of dissent to the underground group NSCN (IM) for trying to intimidate Zilla Parishad Chairman Jowkhong Singpho. Reportedly a member of NSCN (IM) threatened Mr Singpho of dire consequences which forced the citizens to hit the streets to protest. For the last many years’ underground groups like NSCN (IM), NSCN (K) etc have been carrying out illegal activities in districts like Tirap, Changlang and Longding. They have made life miserable for the citizens of three districts. Extortion and kidnapping have almost become the part of daily life.
Those who dare to refuse pay extortion money to these UGs are either killed or warned with dire consequences. They indulge in illegal tax collection without any fear for law. Unfortunately civil administration and security forces have failed to stop their illegal activities. Though govt has failed them, the citizens have mustered enough courage to stand up against underground groups. The people of Changlang district have shown lot of courage by refusing to budge to the demand of NSCN (IM). Now it is duty of state government to protect them and make sure that NSCN (IM) militant threatening ZPC is arrested at the earliest. If this time govt fails the people of Changlang, then in future others might hesitate to raise voice against militant groups.