The garbage truck and the jiggles

Dear Editor,
This is a humble request to the Itanagar Municipal Council regarding the song played in the garbage collecting trucks.
They are beautiful songs and have a very positive message. The workers and volunteers too are doing very formidable job of keeping our surroundings garbage free.
However I regret to say this but I would just like to speak my mind. If what I witnessed was applicable to all the trucks and colonies, earlies the workers use the whistles to announce their arrival so that people know that IMC truck has come to collect the garbage. Now, they play songs on high decibel speakers.
If I understood it right then it is meant to call out to the residents. But now that people know the timing of trucks’ arrival and many people are already seen outside their houses waiting for the trucks to empty their garbage bags and bins, it would seem rather unnecessary to play the songs all the way and all the while they fill their carriers. It is not that it’s a bad things to play the songs all the way and all the disturbances and annoyance listening to loud sound so early in the morning on a daily basis. My neighbours and friends, students and Civil Service aspirants wakes early in the morning sit at their studies. Then the truck arrives, stops and collects while keep playing the song despite people already approaching the vehicle and it breaks their concentration. To me, it seems to be unnecessarily nuisance; may be not in the market places but in primarily residential/rented areas.
Party song or the awareness song, it doesn’t make difference when it disrupts the peaceful hours ideal for reading.
Therefore, through this forum I on behalf of my friends and those students would like to request the Itanagar Municipal Council to kindly instruct their truck drivers to mute the song or at least lower the speaker volume while they stop and collect garbage from the residential/rental areas.
D. Gao, Itanagar