Resolve the impasse

The impasse between employees of Tomo Riba State Hospital (TRSH) and authorities of Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science (TRIHMS) is threatening to derail the long awaited medical college project. Around 500 employees working at TRSH which includes doctors, nurses, technicians etc alleged that TRIHMS authorities will shift them out once the medical college starts functioning. The employees are getting apprehensive about potential mass transfer from TRSH. Strangely TRIHMS authorities are yet to clarify their stand on the issue. Their silence has given opportunity to various pressure groups and NGOs to wade into the controversy.
The people of Arunachal have waited long for the medical college to start functioning. This project is on offing since last many years. But it’s only in the last 2 years that government has shown sincerity to finally start the college. Therefore it will be a tragedy if project gets stalled due to feud between employees and TRIHMS authorities. State government should intervene at the earliest and resolve the impasse. In the greater interest of state both the side should work out a solution which is acceptable to all. They should not remain adamant and create unnecessary hurdle. Arunachal desperately need medical college to start functioning at the earliest. Therefore the TRIHMS authorities and employees of TRSH should join hand together to ensure that medical college dream finally comes true.