Remain alert

With monsoon set to hit the state soon, there is urgent need to review the condition of the important stretches of roads. State government should check the vulnerable stretches and carry out immediate repairing work before the onset of monsoon. Every year during monsoon season several parts of the state get disconnected due to heavy rainfall. It severely affects the life of thousands of people across state. Students and patients are worst sufferers in such situation.
The recent report of bridge over the Subansiri River at Daporijo being on the verge of collapse is a warning sign to the state government. This bridge is lifeline for the people of Upper Subansiri district and if it collapses, it will create absolute mayhem. Government should immediately intervene and repair the bridge before the arrival of monsoon. This is just an example and there must be several such bridges and roads throughout the state which needs the urgent attention of authorities. Also those living in vulnerable areas should be moved out to safer places. Especially in areas where major infrastructure project involving earth cutting is going on the state government has to keep an eye. Just last year 14 people lost lives in a tragic landslide incident at Toru under Papum Pare district. In order to avoid this kind of incident, the authorities should remain alert and aware to the situation.