Truth and change; a threat to a modern corrupt society

Dear Editor,
If an effort is made to bring change in a society, the selfish section often regard it is as a barricade to their greedy goal and suppresses the total progress of it. Whether we like it or not, this is the modern face of our society.
The style of existence we have adopted is the one that vehemently disregard the truth and the concept of change. We have been living in a corrupt society since many years. At present, the horrible habit that was instilled by a corrupt society has started infecting the new generation and it is hugely corrupting the integrity and attitude of our youths.
The presence of rampant corruption in our society tells that we might have genetically inherited the corruption disease. I’m neither accusing our forefathers nor the elders for the insulting legacy. I’m just confused and like many of our young people, I’m also trying to figure out where did we go wrong and who is responsible for the debacle our society is facing today.
The only question that keeps tickling my brain is “What have we acquired from education or the education that we got was defective like our system? By sidelining the defects, our young and brilliant minds still have tremendous scope to create a holistic society that will focus working for the betterment of all.
Though we know that things are not up to the mark, we ignore the facts and act arrogantly. We are capable of producing high voltage currents to illuminate the whole society, but the fears of becoming a target eventually prevent us from taking that first step for change.
Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining. If we lean on honesty and rely on truth, the obstacles can be uprooted easily. Truth has the power to infuse fear in the dubious minds. While tracking the path of righteousness, we should not allow fear to overtake or truth to slow down.
In the meantime, the concept of truth and change is difficult to be understood by the people who do not believe in a corruption free society. For such people who always trail the source of easy money, truth and change possess a great threat.
This small world is nothing but a tempting bait, avoid getting hooked because it will poison the little goodness we still have in us. We have the potential to fight against the wrong, but it can be subdued by the negativity floating around us. The confusing state will allow fear to overpower our conscience and force us to think about the dire consequences we might face by standing with the truth.
By being comfortable with the richness of materialistic world, we have stopped interacting with the truth. Our relation with truth has ended because it cannot provide richness like corruption. We have also ignored the power of truth that it can always fulfill the need of justice and bestow eternal peace that lacks in our modern society.
We’ve wrongly cultivated the culture of remaining silent against the injustice.
The high and mighty of our society has the nasty habit of twisting the truth and hiding behind it. The functioning of such well oiled machinery can only be disrupted by the tech of truth and to destroy the machinery, the tech of truth should reach in every corner of the district.
Our naive people has been fooled by a group of educated goons that lives deceitfully. The desire of human being is limitless, it can never be satisfied. It has been forgotten that the desire dies only when one is buried four feet deep under the earth.
What is the worth of such achievement where we gain all the creature comforts by killing our soul? We have hurt our morality by indulging in corruption and joining the race to fulfill our greed.
While on earth, our ultimate goal should be to please God and serve humanity. We entered the mortal world with nothingness, they why ‘o’ men are we so greedy for worldly treasures? Why cannot we live a selfless life?
Life can be funny sometime, people who works hard to achieve success in life ends up doing third grade jobs but those equipped with recommendation finds the best position. Why cannot a graduate find a remunerative work despite living amidst opportunities? The group that can flaunt the law and spend lakhs of rupees through the backdoor are considered eligible for employment whereas those who couldn’t are deprived of their rights to livelihood.
We have plenty of qualified youths; some are underemployed and some unemployed. Who is responsible for the deprivation? Why are they unable to find jobs despite possessing the required qualifications?
Did we once consider the thought that our corrupt action might have ruined someone’s life? The corruption we commit often force someone to go unemployed, prevent someone from pursuing higher education and compel someone to live penury life.
Spare some moments to these sad reality and we might get to know our real position. Sometime the reality might be bitter but on the other hand, it may also open our eyes to see the mistakes we have committed. What is the meaning of life if we shut the sensitivity of our feelings?
The people who try to bring changes are usually targeted by the evil brigade. Because of that we are afraid to fight against corruption. What compelled us to take the reverse step and be least bothered about the existence of our society? What has intimidated us that we have changed our mindset totally?
Are you the one reading this article responsible for instilling the fear? Why are you so adamant to prevent the progress of the society and good work of the local people? Why people like you do not want the youths to progress and prosper in the path of truthfulness.
In the end, the message I would like to convey to my brethren back home is that don’t accept defeat, fight for your rights, fight against the injustice and stand by the truth. Do not be a mere spectator because you too might be the next prey of the evil minds of our corrupt system.
Poilong Chithan,
Fr. Agnel College of Arts and Commerce, Goa