Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to inform the concerned authorities that crime rate has reached its peak inside NERIST Campus and NERIST is not safe anymore.
On April 10th at sharp 8 PM, an Arunachali boy came to our campus near boys hostel and asked for some amount of money from a 1st year student. When the student refused to give him money, the culprit bashed him and tried to snatch his cell phone. This is not only the incident.
Three months ago a boy, an outsider, was found inside girls’ hostel. And 3 years ago, a student was brutally cut with blades and was looted by outsiders.
I really dont understand why our authority is still silent. Are they waiting for some serious incidents to happen or it is because they are afraid?
Threatening is normal case in NERIST. This is also an appeal to Arunachalee people, please let us study. Make us feel safe inside my campus and dear sleeping authority, please take some action.
A frustrated student,