ATM’s cash crunch

Dear Editor,
Through your esteem column, I would like to express not only my anguish but also for most of the people residing in capital complex regarding the regular cash unavailability in ATM’s.
It is not only a matter of present situation but it has been since the last 1 year that there has always been no cash in ATM’s. Students, medical patients and many others are facing Immense difficulty in day to day life due to this.
Whenever we enquire in the bank about the ATM’s, they simply says that there is no cash in bank. Why would you open more branches of ATMs if there are no cash in it for more than 1 year?
My deep anguish is also towards the banks who never even tried to come forward to explain the reason behind it.
At least once I expected them to clarify regarding the cash crunch. Is it because of the cashless transaction idea’s, is it their method of checking inflation or is it because of our leaders drawing huge amount of cash leaving them dry? Come on!
Come with some explanation please as we are facing these day to day difficulties without knowing the reason behind it.
Do not keep the public in darkness or else we will be sorry to take back our money leaving you permanently dry.
Lastly I hope that concern bank head executives will come up will some sort of explanation to the public and shed light on the reasons.
Miss Konu Mara