Services of Vodafone and Airtel

Dear Editor,
Voda Voda is the one,
where the network is always none,
splendid network did you tell,
or was that Airtel?
4G, video call, you did say,
duping us round the way,
and the network worse than hell,
or was that Airtel?
Sigh, how your ingress we did hail,
but served with network feeble and frail,
a sardine in coat of a mighty whale,
hammered on our dreams, a rusty nail.
Towering, cosmic is thy name,
deception, swindling a honoured game,
for the service sloth and snail,
Or was that Airtel?
Make hay when the sun does shine,
roister the loot with a toast of wine,
for we are pinned, you can smell,
or was that Airtel?
Oh, how I quest to make you rhyme,
for every plundered penny and wasted time,
mirage dreams you did sell,
or was that Airtel?
Lord! invoke us to be wise,
to forsee a catspaw in disguise,
before the leap into the well,
of Vodafone and Airtel.
Lham Tsering
Chief Editor
Mon Tawang