Stick to exam schedule

Dear Editor,
After huge and cry over APPSCCE 2017 (prelims), while cancelling the said exam , in its official notification, Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission said that the exam will be conducted in April/May.
So aspirants started their preparation, coaching and all that and now commission is waiting for college exam to end. This will be injustice those who are at the verge of reaching the upper age limit and may not get last chance to appear in state civil service exam.
If commission is so worried about college students, then APSC should also fight for increasing current upper age limit.
We personally know that there are many third year students, some even graduate who have not reached the minimum age for APPSCCE i.e 21 years. These college students have plenty of time and chance to write this exam, but the candidates like us will not get one last chance if current exam is not conducted on time.
Then commission should also understand that aspirants make preparation according to calendar of civil service exam. This fluctuation is spreading frustration amongst aspirants.
Therefore, we appeal to commission to stick to its official notification and conduct the exam in the month of June , at least.