Increase upper age limit

Dear Editor,
I wish to appeal the present state govt. to raise the upper age limit for Appsc exams from the existing 35 years to 40 years for APST candidates.
Though there have been many demands in this forum from scores of candidates on this issue earlier also,the govt.seems to be least bothered about it and nothing has been done in this matter as yet.In fact,the APPSU had also raised this issue but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
I strongly feel the demand for enhancing the upper age limit is very much genuine and justified on the following grounds:
1)The process of recruitment by the Appsc or for that matter any other department is agonisingly slow and drags on for years.For instance,the last Appsc exam took 3 odd years to complete! And it seems,this time also its going to take a long time.
2)The upper age limit for ST/SC candidates in the other north eastern states’ PCS exams are –
Assam(43 years), Mizoram (40 years), Tripura (40 years) and Manipur(40 years). Even the Meghalaya govt is seriously considering increasing the age limit for their PCS exam following a demand made by some organizations.
In this context,isn’t it unfair for our unemployed youths to be deprived of opportunities at par with other North east states? why is the govt reluctant to address the grievances of its youths? what is preventing the govt from taking a favourable decision in this serious issue?
Finally, I want to remind the govt that the election is not far away and youths of the state constitutes a major chunk of electorates.
An aspirant,